Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Hey Hallelujah

It was a gorgeous morning today, clear and breezy and warm. As the afternoon went on, it got up into the low 80's, which is hot by my standards. Now it's warm and humid and looking like it's going to rain. I hope there won't be many cold snaps while I'm travelling. I'm sick and tired of the weather being cold and miserable.

Between today and yesterday, I've gone on two lovely dates with two lovely ladies. Krystal and I hit up Coffee Cartel for frappes and cinnamon ice cream last night. Cate and I went to The Cupcakery earlier today. I got a vanilla-almond cupcake, definitely one of my favorites. We went for a stroll around the Central West End and popped in at Bissinger's on the way back to the car because Cate had never been before. Let's hear it for chocolate rum truffles. I'm going to miss living so close to that neighborhood. If you ever find yourself down there, be sure to stop in at any one of those places. Other favorites: Left Bank Books, Rasoi, and Koppermann's.

My jury performance went well yesterday, I'm pleased with it. Everyone on the recital performed very well. I got my philosophy paper finished and we had our last class over pizza and some light discussion. I can't wait to take more philosophy classes next year. I'm excited because class schedules for the fall semester are up and I can start planning what I'm going to take. I'll let you all know what'll be on my plate as soon as everything gets settled. I wish we could have taken our theory midterm outside today. That would have been superb.

Tonight I'm going to another student gig. I'm going to need to arrive at the recital hall early because I hear that the place is going to be pretty packed for Liz's junior recital. Rightly so.

Three days until I leave?!?! I can't tell you how stoked I am. I'm very stoked. Indescribably stoked.

Love, Lucy

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  1. Dear Lucy,

    Your performance yesterday was indeed great (what I could hear of it backstage; I'm sure the rest was too!)

    A theory midterm outdoors? We couldn't have concentrated, haha! At least I couldn't have!

    Have loads of fun in Wien and take LOTS of pictures!