Monday, March 9, 2009

Five hours until takeoff

After two years in the works, today is finally here. I'll be leaving for the airport in a couple of hours, and my flight to Chicago-O'Hare leaves in just under five hours. I'm counting on finding a currency exchange when I get there. My flight plan is St. Louis-Chicago-O'Hare-Frankfurt-Vienna. I leave this afternoon and I'll arrive in Vienna tomorrow afternoon. I'm really hoping I get a window seat somewhere along the way and that it'll be clear and bright enough for me to see what I'm flying over. Hey, I haven't flown since I was three. I know you're thinking, 'Lucy, you're just on a plane, it's not that exciting, chill out.' This is big to me. Let me get giddy about it.

I had a fantastic last weekend in the States. My boyfriend Neil came home from Truman Saturday evening. We got a pancake snack at Uncle Bill's and then went to Sam's farewell party. Yesterday we got lunch at Thai Pizza Co. (I'm eating the leftovers right now. Yum.) ran around for a bit, and hung out at Dad's while I did my laundry and packed. He won a game of Battleship, but I won at Candy Land. Last night we met up with some other friends for Beau's 21st birthday, which was actually in February, but better to celebrate late than never. We smoked hookah, sipped fruity drinks, ate cake, and Margaret took a shot of whiskey like a champ. I'll have some pictures up of our destroyed cake in a little bit.

EDIT: Pictures!
Beau and deelishus caeks and frooty drink

We plowed through Thomas the Train

Well, I need to go finish packing. Double-checking that I have everything important. The next you'll be hearing of me will be from Vienna. I miss you all already!

Love, Lucy

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